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Thats right, yet another travel blog.


Edinburgh – Day One

IT makes for a strange feeling, visiting another country without ever leaving the one you’re in. EDINBURGH has the vibe of somewhere totally new, foreign even, but with the reassuring comfort of home. Oh, and it’s absolutely beautiful. FLIGHTS were easy peasy, 50 mins with Flybe, £130 return for the two of us. No fuss. […]

Krakow Kalling

IF you’re thinking about it, stop. Stop thinking and go. Krakow is amazing and you will not be disappointed. Krakow has in fact overtaken Amsterdam as the Britain’s favourite place for a city break! FLIGHTS should be cheap enough, standard low cost carriers along with more ‘pricey’ airlines fly to the city. We flew with…wait for it….Ryanair. […]

Early Summer Sun

UNI was finished. Well kind of. Ok, not finished. But who cares, May is Summer, and Summer means holidays. WE’D decided long long ago in a galaxy far far away that we would head to Greece for our ‘big’ summer holiday this year, but Greece is a big place full of really inviting islands. Santorini? Mykonos? […]

Tuess, Berlin!

THERE are pieces of the Berlin Wall dotted around the city, with two of the longest remaining sections being the East Side Gallery and at the Topography of Terror. The section at the Topography of Terror is external wall, which would have faced the residents of West Berlin, whereas the East Side Gallery is an […]

Berlin, Part Zwei

IN order to get Jess to agree to another trip so soon after Barcelona I agreed to pay for the flights and the hotel. And to make it that little bit more special I booked a table at Restaurant Sphere. Where you ask… UP there! The TV tower or Fernsehturm was built by the East Germans and […]


I. Love. Stockholm. I can’t say I love Sweden as a whole just yet, but I’m pretty confident I will. ONCE again I had the pleasure of staying with my uni pal, Anthony, at his home just outside Stockholm and once again I’d gone without my girlfriend, which she wasn’t too pleased about…ooops! WE flew […]

Berlin Baby!

Hello! I’M going to try something a bit different to write about my trip to Berlin in May of this year. Instead of the “We went here then here, then over there” style of my past posts I’m just going to write what we did in no particular order. I think this will allow for […]